We can plant all the trees we want but it is for our children to safeguard them, grow them into jungles that will last for centuries to come. They are our environments last hope.

Make your School Eco-Friendly

It’s the little things that count.

  • Separate trash bins for recyclable Materials
  • No Shopping Bags in the school canteens
  • Reducing paper wastage, encouraging recycled notepads.
  • A micro forest planted by the children at school.

Our team of experts will help you turn your school into an eco-friendly school. And aid the faculty on how to build better environmentally friendly habits in the children.

School Plantation Drives

Our experts can help you plan your schools plantation drive, on or off campus. Help the children with preplantation lectures. We believe in sustainable plantation our method involves ownership of trees.


We will help children plant trees and aid them in taking care of them as they grow with them and turn into trees, something they can be proud of.

To find out how your school can help its children be better at conservice the environment. JOIN NOW!

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