Required: Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Machine

Required: Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Machine

Ecological Welfare Organization, is to establish, a CEB Yard, in Sihala , which is outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan.
Potential, Hydraulic CEB Machine manufacturers, are required to submit their quotation by February 02, 2018.

Technical Requirement 

  • Hydraulic Pressure Method
  • Automatic
  • Variable Compression Adjustment
  • 4 Blocks per hydraulic cycle
  • Vibrator to fill all the corners of molds, before hydraulic press
  • Block size is 6 x 12 x 4 (L x W x H)
  • Two types of molds are required. 1) flat edges, 2) beveled edges
  • Quantity to be processed in mixer is 30 CFT
  • Block Composition : 6% cement , 94% stone dust, 18 liters of water per batch of production.
  • Target Strength is 2000 PSI after drying (Typical drawing time is 5 days)
We are looking for an offer, with both power options :
  • Electric Operations.
  • Diesel Operations.
Estimated use of energy in the form of electricity (A) , and for Diesel (Liters) to be specifically described.
Please see the youtube video for further understanding of our requirements.

Additional Requirements

  • Automatic water feeder to the mixer of specified quantity
  • Block compression testing machine
Vendor may , or may not, offer , the product for additional requirement.


All the payments will be made in PKR. Payment will be made by cheque in favor of the supplier company. All Govt taxes will be applied.
Mr. Muneeb shall be contacted , if any clarification is required on 0344-5282200 
All potential vendors can contact us, for technical understanding , and negotiations. Contract will be awarded to the supplier that meets the maximum requirements stated above and lower cost.
Photo of meter on site for energy requirements.
Photo of meter on site for energy requirements.

Picture of the available power meter is posted above. Please see the specifications , if the power supply meets the requirements of your quoted machine.