We don’t take on anyone and everyone. It has to be the right fit. We represent people
who are aligned with our goals, who believe in quality, delivery
of what’s promised and above all on time.

Ikon Science provides comprehensive software technology and consulting services that improve the value of reserves while reducing drilling costs and operational uncertainty. Through this RokDoc software and integrated geoscience consulting business, Ikon Science brings the necessary detail required to build knowledge and confidence in sub-surface decision-making. Ikon Science multidisciplinary business predicts safer, cheaper and more efficient exploration, reservoir optimisation and drilling.

TerraDynamics International puts together world-class teams of exploration scientists who offer innovative geological and geophysical solutions for the specific needs of clients in the hydrocarbon industry. TDI’s exceptional expertise in Sequence Stratigraphy ensures the appropriate amount of detail at both Field and Regional scales. TDI also offers basic and advanced training in exploration-related topics of interest to the industry and academia. TDI’s scientific team members have held courses for academia, geological surveys and the industry all over the world.

GSM Oilfield Services Inc. is an internationally recognized firm of registered consulting petroleum engineers, and is quite possibly the oldest operationally oriented consulting firm in the United States. Since its organization in 1976, GSM has amassed experience in oil fields throughout the world. GSM provides on-site consulting services during drilling and completion operations and engineering and management in pressure control and relief well operations.

Structural Geology International provides experts in Structural field mapping, seismic interpretation, balanced cross section construction, and detailed structural analysis in support of hydrocarbon exploration. Founded 17 years ago by Daniel Schelling , Structural Geology International with an experience in the field of over 30 years with structural research conducted in Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand.